Nick has been writing songs for more than 2 decades and has had his songs are on more than 50 stations in 20 states across the country. Nick is currently signed to a songwriting and publishing deal with Write on Music Publishing (BMI) based in Nashville, TN and has songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and SoundCloud.

Songs Nick has written and/or produced have appeared on the following shows or in promotional commercials for:

  • ABC Family’s hit series Falcon Beach
  • CBS primetime series The Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Fox primetime series Glee, New Girl, House, Hell’s Kitchen
  • The 2011 MLB All-Star Game

Nick won the Windrift International Songwriting Competition for co-writing Daddy’s Little Girl which was performed by the band Longwood.

Here a few samples of Nick’s music. He has either written or produced all of the tracks on this playlist (alongside other amazingly talented people of course!)

Daddy’s Little Girl – Longwood: I co-wrote and produced this song with the Gainesville based band Longwood. It was meant to be an upbeat, satirical, light-hearted song, but it did way better than any of us ever expected. It went on to win the Windrift International Songwriting Contest in 2004 and got radio play on 50 stations in 20 states and was the most requested song 3 weeks in a row in several major markets.

Nothing to Say – Michael J: I served as the executive producer on this track and paired up longtime friends Michael J and 3 Time Grammy Award Winner, Ronny Cates, for this track. It went on to be featured on ABC Family’s International Hit Television Series, Falcon Beach, on Episode 11 of Season 1. The song is featured for several minutes of a scene where two of the main characters are speaking in the park.

Chained to Her (Acoustic) – John McMillan: I engineered and mixed this song during a late night recording session with John back in 2002 in Studio B at Rec Room Recording Studio in Gainesville, FL. John and I had been the best of friends for years and made many trips to nashville and new york city together in search of the right record deal for him. When he told me he wanted to record some new songs, as always, I was excited to do it. Little did I know that this night would turn out to change both of our lives. This was recorded live in one take, and this particular song launched John and I on a journey that we will never forget.

I Won’t Give Up – Hanna Peterson: I met Hanna in 2003 when she was 12 and undergoing treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend, Diane Biernacki, and it took me all of about 13 seconds to uncover Hanna’s amazing personality. We were originally going to write one song for Hanna to sing and record, but very quickly we figured out that much more needed to be done. We decided to record a 10 song collaborative album entitled “I Won’t Give Up – Songs to Benefit STOP! Children’s Cancer”. Many extremely talented musicians contributed to this project (including: Ken Block of Sister Hazel, Greg Doles, Jim Evans, Dan Dickhaus, Ronny Cates (Grammy Award winner, formerly of Petra), John McMillan, Michael J. and Matt Collins) and it ultimately ended up being a great CD that has raised thousands of dollars for Children’s Cancer Research. Hanna and I wrote this song and I engineered and produced it. Shortly thereafter, as fate took us on a wild ride, we were both invited for Hanna to sing the song to begin the 7th annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women in 2004. We had no idea that Hanna would be singing the song, right after Leanne Womack’s Performance, that Hanna would be backed by a gospel choir and Emmy Award Winner Jesse Harris, and most importantly that she would sing it in a blocked off Times Square in NYC in front of over 80,000 people. What a ride!

Love Comes Alive: Country – Written & Produced by Nick Nanton. Vocals on this track are sung by Craig Hand, who recently released his debut single “Direct Connect”. I wrote this song to propose to my wife, Kristina. It worked 😉 .

Echo Radio – The Treatment: I executive produced this track and paired up accomplished producer Pete Thornton (Shinedown, Limp Bizkit, Cold) with the guys from the treatment. This song was featured on an episode of CBS Hit Primetime series, Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Wake Up – The Treatment: I executive produced this track and its from the same sessions with The Treatment and Producer Pete Thornton. This is one of my favorite tracks from the session.

The Extra Mile: I wrote this song when I was 18 and it was the first track I recorded in Nashville. Vocal duties were performed by Tim Raybon of the Raybon Brothers who had a hit with the song Butterfly Kisses.

The Extra Mile (Pop): A pop version of the song the Extra Mile that I wrote. It was produced and engineered by Michael J and myself and mixed by 3 Time Grammy Winner, Ronny Cates.

To See You Grow – Matt Collins: Yet another song I engineered and produced for the “I Won’t Give Up Project”. This song shows a totally different side of Matt Collins artistry. He was known prior to this track for his edgy rock vocals in the bands Longwood and the Treatment. He found many new fans when he took on this genre of music. He is enjoying great success as a singer/songwriter and working on a follow up solo record.

Circle of Light – Greg Doles: Another song that I prodced and engineered off of the “I Won’t Give Up” project. Greg is a very well respected singer/songwriter and he has one of the most seasoned voices that I’ve ever heard. He has that rare ability to convey emotion with every word.

She’s My Favorite Song: Pop Country – Written & Produced by Nick Nanton

All Because of Your Love: Pop Country – Written & Produced by Nick Nanton

You’re Too Good to Me: Pop Country – Written & Produced by Nick Nanton

A Heartbeat Away: Country – Written & Produced by Nick Nanton. Vocals on this track are sung by Craig Hand, who recently released his debut single “Direct Connect”.

The Reason: Country – Written & Produced by Nick Nanton. Vocals on this track are sung by Craig Hand.

Nightingale: Contemporary Christian. Written by Nick Nanton & Clayton Moore. Produced by Nick Nanton. Vocals on this track are performed by John McMillan.

It Takes A little Crazy – Demo Written by Brock Berryhill, Matt Collins and Nick Nanton.

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