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The Fight For HTTPS

"By making the mundane safe, it actually makes the things that need to be safe a little bit safer." The case for default encryption.Since 2009, Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist with the Sp. […]...continue reading

Inside the World of a Professional TV Spoiler

Steve Carbone, aka Reality Steve, makes his living revealing details of The Bachelor. Even after he got sued.Stephen Carbone, a blogger known more commonly online as Reality Steve, calls The Bachelor. […]...continue reading

The Toast's Recipe For Bootstrapping A Profitable Media Business

The Toast, which just announced its first vertical--The Butter--wanted to talk money. We bit.If The Toast were a typical Silicon Valley startup, and not a feminist website that analyzes the lesbian un. […]...continue reading

The Many, Many, Many Things You Should Say "No" To At Work

Forget having it all. NewBrand Analytics CEO Kristin Muhlner is having none of it. Look at all the things she says no to, and get inspired.Kristin Muhlner is the CEO of NewBrand Analytics, which helps. […]...continue reading

Will Wearables In The Office Make Work More Productive?

Quantified-self wearables seem aimed at optimizing productivity, but do they offer more distraction than benefit?With the introduction of the Apple Watch, wearables are becoming more mainstream. Devic. […]...continue reading

A Facebook User's Challenge To Facebook: Here's All My Data, Now Give Me Ads I Like

Zuck's crew just relaunched Atlas, which brands can use to track you and your data across the web. Before you freak out, watch this.A few days ago your data suddenly became more valuable. That's becau. […]...continue reading

The Wrist Of The Story: A Brief History Of Forgotten Proto-Smartwatches, 1975-2004

Ten inventive gadgets of the past which you wore like a watch--except that it turned out that very few folks wanted to wear most of them.When you think about it, any wristwatch which does something us. […]...continue reading

With Windows 10, Microsoft Will Skip A Version Number And Go Back To Basics

The company wants business customers who found nothing to love in Windows 8 to be excited about the next version, due in mid-2015.Microsoft held an event to preview the next version of Windows this mo. […]...continue reading

Online Marketplace Gumroad Launches An iPhone App

You can browse content on the mobile app, but you can still only make purchases through Gumroad's website.Earlier this month, Gumroad, an online platform for creators to sell directly to their fans an. […]...continue reading

Google's New Education Apps Give Students Unlimited Storage

"Drive for Education" brings with it new tools and extra security.Google has expanded its Apps for Education cloud service with the announcement of Drive for Education. The new platform will include u. […]...continue reading

It's Time To Say Goodbye To Orkut, Google's First Social Network

Though Orkut proved popular in Brazil and India, it failed to gain traction in the rest of the world.Before there was a Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest, or Ello, there was Orkut, a beloved social n. […]...continue reading

Pebble Update Allows Health Apps To Track Fitness And Sleep In The Background

The company also slashed the price of its watch to $99.At the start of 2014, smartwatch maker Pebble opened up its platform with the launch of an app store. On Tuesday, it further expanded its ecosyst. […]...continue reading

Are Marketers (Finally) Realizing That Stereotyping Women Doesn't Work?

Sexism might have moved products in the past, but increasingly women aren't buying it. It's time marketing finally catches up.With women as influential as they are today, it's difficult to understand. […]...continue reading

Watch This Guy Sculpt A Spider In Mid-Air Using An Oculus Rift

Not only is it cool, it shows us a glimpse of what virtual reality means for designers and artists.The appeal of the Oculus Rift is most often expressed in terms of exploring digital worlds, from Sein. […]...continue reading

Netflix Enters The Original Movie Game

The streaming service scored the rights to the sequel to the Academy Award-winning film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.Maybe it was inevitable that Netflix would one day get into original movies, but. […]...continue reading

This Music Video Is Infected

James Hoff creates music from corrupted code--or maybe it just sounds that way.What happens if you take parts of the code from the Blaster Worm, which ripped through 400,000 Microsoft systems in 2003,. […]...continue reading

Infinitely Looping Brutalism: Hypnotic Architecture GIFs

Brutalist buildings build and deconstruct themselves over and over again in these GIFs made with procedural modeling.As far as entertainment value goes, architecture-related GIFs usually don't have mu. […]...continue reading

General Catalyst Invests $10 Million In Stripe's Ecosystem

The VC firm will dole out $250,000 to $500,000 apiece to early-stage startups building atop Stripe's technology.Stripe is on a streak. This month, it signed big deals with Facebook and Twitter to powe. […]...continue reading

Ebay Is Finally Spinning Off PayPal Into Its Own Business

Score another one for Carl Icahn.In an about-face from earlier this year, eBay has decided to spin PayPal off into its own separate business in 2015. What makes the move so surprising is that eBay has. […]...continue reading

LinkedIn's Data Science Secret: Your Hidden Org Chart

LinkedIn does more than help find sales leads or job candidates: It's also a Rosetta stone for corporate hierarchies.LinkedIn enjoys one big advantage against competitors Facebook and Twitter: It's th. […]...continue reading

Why Startups Should Let Developers Leapfrog To New Technologies

Encouraging developers to wear multiple hats makes for happier coders and stronger companies.Developers could learn a lot from Charles Lloyd. As legend has it, the jazz saxophonist was known to rotate. […]...continue reading

These Neighborhoods Squeeze Onto Empty Rooftops And Parking Lots To Help Solve London's Housing Crisis

When a city runs out of space, why not start building communities in neglected places?As London struggles to build affordable new housing for a quickly growing population, one designer has a suggestio. […]...continue reading

8 Ways Rail Travel Could Evolve By 2050

With world population growing and moving to cities, we're going to need far better rail design than exists today. From driverless trains to ticketless travel, here's a glimpse of how it could look.Wit. […]...continue reading

An Experiment In Common Courtesy In The Age Of Google Glass Everywhere

It's not a far-fetched idea that we could all be wearing cameras one day. How will we handle privacy then? A new study gives hope: Even your average college kid doesn't want to be a glasshole.The medi. […]...continue reading

From Land Mines To Eco Clothing: The Unlikely Story Of Amour Vert

How one couple ditched the defense industry in a quest to make the hugely wasteful fashion biz more eco-friendly.When Linda Balti met Christoph Frehsee at a trade show in Abu Dhabi, both were working. […]...continue reading

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