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Dolby Is Bringing Its Atmos Movie Sound Technology Home

The home-theater and mobile versions aren't as immersive as the theater system--but still sound pretty darn good.Dolby has done a solid job of convincing Hollywood to embrace Atmos, its two-year-old s. […]...continue reading

Humans Of New York Takes On The World

Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind the insanely popular Humans of New York website, leaves the five boroughs behind.At first glance, some of the faces look familiar: a proud father with his daug. […]...continue reading

This Is Kuddle, The Instagram For Kids

The Norway-based startup just raised $2 million in funding.Did you know that there is an Instagram for kids? It's called Kuddle, and the photo-sharing application was designed by developers in Norway. […]...continue reading

To Simplify Mobile Shopping, PayPal Wants To Eliminate Filling Out Billing And Shipping Info

The PayPal subsidiary is releasing a set of developer tools that reduce mobile shopping to one touch.In the age of smartphones and tablets, it may seem odd when a company that sells its goods online i. […]...continue reading

How Mailbox Brought Its Awesome Smartphone Gestures To The Desktop

The preeminent mobile mail app is coming to desktops. Here's how the team got the feeling just right.Do you remember the story of Mailbox? It was the iOS mail app that allowed you to control your inbo. […]...continue reading

Diets, Baby Joggers, Antichrist: The Rich And Poor Have Distinct Search Habits

At least according to a new (depressing) analysis from the New York Times.Cataloging Google's most popular search terms offers fascinating windows into the zeitgeist, but those analyses are usually bi. […]...continue reading

Find This Energy Company Its Newest Executive, Get A $100,000 Reward

Recruiters are getting ditched in favor of crowdsourced hires that double as good publicity.Know any high-level executives in the solar business? You could be in the running for a $100,000 reward. All. […]...continue reading

Rabbit: A Free Video Chat That Makes It Easy To Watch Netflix With Friends

The redesigned, lightweight service launches today.When Rabbit, a video chat application that lets far-flung friends watch Netflix and YouTube together over the Internet, debuted last year, it was pla. […]...continue reading

4 Apps That Get You Lost, So You Can Have Actual Experiences

Why is technology always about efficiency? These apps introduce a little something unexpected in your day and get you to really take in your surroundings.Wanting to map the "psychogeography" of Paris. […]...continue reading

How You Get Hooked On Coffee

And how to break the habitAbout a decade ago, a pair of researchers taught a computer to make a cup of coffee. Over a series of lessons, the machine learned to execute specific coffee-related actions. […]...continue reading

Fighting The Endless Spread Of Ebola Misinformation On Social Media

This is how an epidemic unfolds online: with rumors, scientific fact, and prayers all mixed together. Patrick Sawyer, with his daughters If you want to get the word out on Facebook, you use pictures l. […]...continue reading

Why You Should Keep Going, Even In The Face Of Rejection

Pitching and networking suck, but don't forget to stick around for the payoff that persistence brings.The '85 Chicago Bears is considered one of the best, if not The Best, American football teams in h. […]...continue reading

Can Blossom's MIT-Enhanced Brew Win Over Skeptical Baristas?

Inside the attempt to perfect coffee-making technologyInside a grimy garage off an alleyway in San Francisco's SOMA district seethes the accouterment of a bootstrapped startup. Filthy frat-house leath. […]...continue reading

How To Keep It Together At Work When Your Personal Life Is A Mess

Barely holding it together once you step into the office? Here's how to cope at work when you feel like your life is falling apart.We've all been there, even if you don't want to admit it. It's life.R. […]...continue reading

7 Non-Sketchy Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Contacts

Here's how to keep in touch with your connections, without becoming a stalker.From finding a job to meeting your next business partner or new client, you know that there are countless ways that your n. […]...continue reading

The Company That Uses Coffee To Fuel Entrepreneurial Success

1 Million Cups is capitalizing on the power of coffee to bring people together to help entrepreneurs overcome their startup problems.Coffee not only provides us with our morning pick-me-up, it's also. […]...continue reading

This Guy Wants Girls To Skip College And Go Straight Into Tech Jobs

The online coding school Treehouse just launched a "change the ratio" program. Can it help fix tech's diversity problem?Treehouse, an online coding school, has just launched an initiative called "Chan. […]...continue reading

Watch A Latte Artist Make Famous Internet Animals (And A Poo-Moji) Out Of Foam

Have you ever seen an Internet meme captured in a cup? Coffee artist Michael Breach captures some famous furry faces, in foam. Coffee Week: Day 2 Read more from Coffee Week. Can Blossom's Mit-Enhanced. […]...continue reading

4 Lessons In Entrepreneurship I Learned From Working So-Called Dead-End Jobs

Starting off doing grunt work could be just the motivation you need for a startup-worthy work ethic.My journey in entrepreneurship began over a decade ago when I was 15 years old microwaving gas stati. […]...continue reading

5 Quick Tricks To Boost Your Willpower

If our willpower is indeed like a muscle as some scientists say, then these tricks may help you bulk up.We are on a constant quest to get as much done as possible, but it's time that we all become a l. […]...continue reading

Gender Inequality's Latest Victim: Flex-Time Requests

Moms who request flexible schedules to care for children are judged much more harshly than dads. Why are we still stigmatizing by gender?Chalk another one up for "one step forward, two steps back." Wo. […]...continue reading

For Upcoming TVs, Roku Nixes The Input Button And Slims Down The Remote To 20 Keys

The set-top-box maker is on track to stream 2.7 billion hours this year.For all the investment TV manufacturers put into their cutting-edge tech--4K resolution, curved displays, 3-D visuals, smart TV. […]...continue reading

Norton Goes Beyond The Box With An All-In-One Security Service

Like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite before them, Symantec's consumer apps are morphing into a service.Once upon a time, some of the most famous examples of boxed software in the world were. […]...continue reading

Deadly Design Flaw Is Causing Solar Plant To Burn Up Birds

Super-concentrated sunbeams are proving problematic at BrightSource's new $2.2 billion power plant.The $2.2 billion BrightSource Energy Plant, in the Mojave Desert, opened in February with good intent. […]...continue reading

Steve Madden Buys Fashion Footwear Brand Dolce Vita For $60 Million

Founders of the wallet-friendly shoemaker will retain control of product designDolce Vita, the brand beloved for its reasonably priced, fashion-friendly footwear, announced last week that it has sold. […]...continue reading

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