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Twitter Will Teach The Homeless To Code When Learning Center Opens This Summer

Twitter-funded San Francisco facility NeighborNest will offer a safe place for city's poorest to learn tech and resume-writing skills.This summer Twitter will open a learning center in San Francisco i. […]...continue reading

You Can Now Watch A Full Movie On Oculus Rift

How does the Zachary Quinto-produced horror movie Banshee Chapter look on the much-discussed VR device?It's been more than two years since virtual reality device Oculus Rift made its debut, and while. […]...continue reading

Why Did Apple Apparently Send Porn To This Unsuspecting App Developer?

The company included explicit screenshots in a message expressing concerns over a new app.Complaining about Apple's process for approving new content for the app store is something of a sport among de. […]...continue reading

Doctors Use Adult (Not Embryonic) Stem Cells To Grow And Implant Petri-Dish Retina

The medical breakthrough could lead to cures for other diseases.The clones are coming! The clones are coming! (Maybe.) Doctors have grown a retina in a petri dish using stem cells from a 70-year-old p. […]...continue reading

Scientists Experiment With... Robotic Bacteria?

A team at MIT has begun work on microscopic bacteria-like robot which can be injected into the human body.MIT researchers are researching robotic bacteria that walk through human bodies that could hel. […]...continue reading

Let's Make This The Last Story About A Celebrity Using Twitter You Ever Read

The queen is on Twitter, which should surprise nobody.Oprah Winfrey first tweeted in 2009. Barack Obama sent his first tweet in 2010. So did Conan O'Brien and the Dalai Lama and Bill Gates. Pope Bened. […]...continue reading Sells For $50,000 To A Marijuana Startup just got a big Las Vegas payout.It's the kind of story that could only happen in Las Vegas:, a web domain purchased by speculators in 2008 for $13,500, just sold for $50,000 and a. […]...continue reading

Survey: Venture Capitalists A Little Less Confident

A new survey indicates Silicon Valley VCs are losing confidence in the economy.Are Silicon Valley investors worried about the economy? A new survey says… maybe. University of San Francisco professor. […]...continue reading

Ikea's New Desk Goes From Sitting To Standing With The Push Of A Button

Sit. Swoosh. Stand.Anyone who has priced a convertible desk that he or she can both sit and stand at knows it's an expensive proposition that can quickly reach into four digits. If only Ikea made one. […]...continue reading

Why There Is No Available Ebola Vaccine

A vaccine was found to be 100% effective at protecting monkeys against Ebola, but pharma's business model kept it on the shelf.New York City officials have been working hard to prevent the public from. […]...continue reading

Paul Budnitz's Bohemian Rhapsody, Ello

If SoHo were turned into a social network, it might look something like Ello.Paul Budnitz's buzzy invite-only social network Ello is a hot ticket in Silicon Valley right now. But Budnitz is not your t. […]...continue reading

Let Ideo's Top Brass Show You How To Solve Problems Like A Designer's new Design Kit aims to teach everyone, from CEOs to activists to ministers, the principles of human-centered design.Last month, nonprofit spinoff of global design and innovati. […]...continue reading

The Internet Is Full Of People Pretending To Be Animals

Specifically, cats and dogs. And some wolves.The below Twitter exchange is in two languages. One is obvious: It's in Thai. The second is harder to understand because it's also written in . . . dog.Rea. […]...continue reading

Inside America's First Cat Café

It's in Oakland, California and it was hell to open.The race to open the first cat café in the U.S. is over. As of Catur-- er, Saturday, October 25, Oakland's Cat Town Café will welcome cat and coff. […]...continue reading

Best in Show: #TopDog Has a Winner!

We have a winner.UPDATE: A winner has been annointed! It is NORI! Congrats Nori and all the other dogs (and birds) who entered!Read Full Story ...continue reading

Oversharing Toys Let Your Baby Post On Facebook

Ingenious design or sickening sign of the times? That's for you to decide.Every new set of parents must have The Talk, and no, I don't mean something about how babies are made. I mean, you have to dec. […]...continue reading

Meet Hatsune Miku, The Japanese Pop Superstar Who Is Entirely Virtual

Hatsune Miku weighs 93 pounds, has 2.5 million Facebook fans, and recently sold out the Hammerstein Ballroom. She's also made of software.When Hatsune Miku comes on stage, she can't hear the crowd che. […]...continue reading

How Creative Discomfort Fueled the Foo Fighters' Latest Project: "Sonic Highways"

Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl on how Sonic Highways--part album, part HBO series--is an exercise in breaking from familiarity.For a band like Foo Fighters, which during its 20-year career has reco. […]...continue reading

New Habit Challenge: Only Check Email Twice A Day

No more reactive clicking every time we hear that "new message" ping. We're drastically cutting our email habit in the name of productivity.We're kind of obsessed with email. Read Full Story ...continue reading

Productivity Hack Of The Week: The Two Pizza Approach To Productive Teamwork

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos's two pizza approach might just be the perfect way to build a productive team. Here's what it is and why it works.If you're looking for more effective teamwork, Amazon's CEO Jeff. […]...continue reading

4 Habits of People Who Follow Their Dreams

Inspiration from famous people who followed their childhood dreams and the habits that kept them going.As kids we all had dreams. Some of us wanted to be firefighters while others planned to become te. […]...continue reading

#FastPet: Do You Have A Cover Star?

Special, limited-time offer: we'll put your pet on the cover of Fast Company! (Sorta)This has been quite a week for Pet Week and to cap it off, we are going to be doing something silly for a few hours. […]...continue reading

How A Booze-Soaked Tradition Bonds Employees At This Well-Lubricated Startup

Bespoke Post has a literal ice-breaker for its new hires--by asking them to make fancy cocktails for the team.Back in 2012, when Bespoke Post was just a startup with handful of people, it began as man. […]...continue reading

Least Creative Thing Of The Week: Some Villain Did Paintings All Over Our National Parks

Someone didn't get the memo from Earth specifically asking we not paint on it.The world is nobody's canvas. Theoretically, sure, but as far as the actual, physical Earth goes; it should only serve as. […]...continue reading

Don't Blame The iPad's Malaise On The App Situation

The iPad ecosystem is still going strong, so why are pundits calling it a failure? Over the past couple of weeks, tech pundits have been grappling with an unusual question: Why isn't an Apple product. […]...continue reading

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