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Afraid of Creepy Craigslist Sellers? Police Create "Safe Zone" To Complete Online Purchases

A police station in suburban Philadelphia created a "safe zone" to provide more security for in-person transactions.Sometimes meeting a seller from Craigslist face-to-face feels like the beginning of. […]...continue reading

Cancer-Detecting Nanoparticles Are Safe For Humans, Study Finds

During a successful first clinical trial, nanoparticles illuminated cancer cells and then safely exited the body.Earlier this week, Google unveiled its next moonshot project: to use nanoparticles to d. […]...continue reading

Like It Or Not, Instagram Video Ads Are Here

With major brands on board, some 15-second spots have already hit the popular photo-sharing platform.If you haven't already, you can expect to start seeing video ads in your Instagram feed.Read Full S. […]...continue reading

Microsoft Unveils Fitness Smart Band That Understands Voice Commands

You can even use the $199 Microsoft Band to buy drinks at Starbucks.Microsoft on Thursday debuted a connected activity-tracking wristband with a heart-rate monitor that can track sleep and fitness dat. […]...continue reading

Study Confirms: Stop Scratching, You're Only Making It Worse

The same chemical that helps people manage pain and depression could heighten the sensation of itching.It's not in your head: Scratching that itch will make it worse.Read Full Story ...continue reading

This Computerized Harness Might Be The Dog Translator We've Been Waiting For

North Carolina State University researchers are developing a two-way system that relies on a dog's body language.Ever since canids began following us around to sniff at our leftovers, humans have been. […]...continue reading

4 Ways Developers Say Apple Can Improve The Mac App Store

We asked some successful developers how Apple can improve the Mac App Store. This story contains interviews with Dan Counsell, founder of Realmac Software; Ken Case, CEO of Omni Group; and Aušra Meš. […]...continue reading

Turn Your Kitchen Into A Garden With This Mini-Fridge-Sized Electric Farm

The Urban Cultivator lets you create an herb and greens garden in your kitchen, but it comes with a big price tag.In the shift to local agriculture, the next frontier is as local as it gets: your kitc. […]...continue reading

Tim Cook: "I Consider Being Gay Among The Greatest Gifts God Has Given Me"

"While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven't publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So let me be clear: I'm proud to be gay."In an op-ed published Thursday in Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple. […]...continue reading

No Need To Bring Water On Your Bike Ride, This Bike Sucks It Up From The Air

And if you live without any running water, you can now make some with a quick ride.Lima, Peru, gets less than an inch of rain a year. But it happens to be humid enough that it's possible to harvest wa. […]...continue reading

The Recipe For Building A Startup Scene In Any City

Tyler Crowley shares the ingredients that helped build startup communities in L.A., London, and Stockholm.Berlin has been Europe's startup darling for years. But in 2012, Stockholm, which is home to s. […]...continue reading

A Portrait Of London's Diversity, Drawn From Languages Spoken Near Tube Stops

Tube tongues!London, like any big city, is a melting pot of languages and cultures. Oliver O'Brien, a researcher in University College London's geography department with a zeal for visualizing informa. […]...continue reading

MIT Visualizes What Robots Are Thinking

Want to know what's going on inside that robot's brain? MIT researchers are trying to show us.Robots make thousands of tiny decisions a second, but they don't emote or verbally communicate. So when a. […]...continue reading

How An Ex-Inmate's Startup Is Improving Prisoners' Lives

With Pigeonly, Frederick Hutson is using technology to keep convicts connected to friends and family--and maybe turn their lives around.Entrepreneurs often tap personal experience for startup ideas. I. […]...continue reading

Nevada's Mission To Build The Detroit Of Drones

Today, San Diego is the capital of America's multibillion dollar drone industry. Reno wants to take that title back.When you think of Nevada, you think of a lot of things--casinos, hookers, quickie ma. […]...continue reading

Going Beyond Coconut In The Great Water Wars

Maple water. Cactus water. Aloe water. Artichoke water? In the race to become the next Vita Coco, waters are getting weird.When Matt McKee and Melissa Reed launched CaliWater in January, they experime. […]...continue reading

Troy Carter's Hard-Won Tips For Handling Career Road Bumps

Renowned music manager Troy Carter shares how unexpected change can make your business--and your brand--stronger than ever.If you ever think you're having a professional setback from which you'll neve. […]...continue reading

How To Raise Girls To Be Better At Negotiating

If we're going to raise the next generation of good negotiators who happen to be women, here's where to start.The recent research about women and negotiation isn't pretty. Often, women don't negotiate. […]...continue reading

Just Watch It: The History Of Nike In 3 Minutes

From The Swoosh to sweatshops, see how the world's biggest sports brand stays on top.The team behind Portland-based Nike's marketing has been coming up with innovative ads since 23-year-old graphic de. […]...continue reading

What Angel Investors Are Actually Buying From Your Startup

Here's a hint: It's not your company.How many times have you heard startups are hard and companies fail? You know the drill. Think about it: If angel investors were actually buying your company, they. […]...continue reading

How To Solve The Anti-Photoshopping Movement's Big Problem

Why brands are going beyond retouching to create body-positive messages.After receiving her Art History degree from Wellesley College in the late '90s, Eunice Gomes headed to the Big Apple in search o. […]...continue reading

Finding Stuff To Read In Flipboard Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

The social reader app adds new algorithmic smarts, with help from a former competitor.Once upon a time, there were two clever personalized magazine apps for tablets and phones. Flipboard found most of. […]...continue reading

New Twitter App Detects Suicidal Tweets, Sends Alerts To Followers

If someone you follow is tweeting messages of distress or suicidal thoughts, Samaritan Radar will email you.Samaritans, a U.K.-based suicide prevention charity, has released Samaritans Radar, a new we. […]...continue reading

CurrentC Notifies Users That It Suffered An Email Breach

"Within the last 36 hours, we learned that unauthorized third parties obtained the e-mail addresses of some of you."CurrentC, the mobile payment format retailers like Rite Aid, CVS, and Walmart are co. […]...continue reading

IBM, Twitter: The New Business Intelligence Best Buddies

IBM is turning tweets into business intelligence, thanks to a massive new agreement with Twitter.Business intelligence is a massive, massive industry where organizations pay tens of millions of dollar. […]...continue reading

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