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With Square Integration On IFTTT, Merchants Can See Transaction Data On Google Glass

Square joins IFTTT's interconnected ecosystem.Square merchants have more ways to analyze and interact with their transaction data thanks to integration with automation service IFTTT.Read Full Story ...continue reading

Comic-Con Bans Google Glass During Screenings

But is anyone even wearing Google's head-up display at the convention?Despite its reputation as a geek confab, even Comic-Con isn't welcoming Google Glass.Read Full Story ...continue reading

Is Instagram Prepping Its Own Snapchat Rival?

The photo-sharing app appears to be taking a page from its parent company.Like Facebook, like Instagram.Read Full Story ...continue reading

The Surprisingly Emotional Story Of The Man Who Invented The High Five

One-time Los Angeles Dodger Glenn Burke is credited for the universal gesture for a job well done. His own life was more complicated.At the very end of the Los Angeles Dodgers's 1977 season, Dusty Bak. […]...continue reading

Venezuela Begins Evicting Residents From Torre David, The World's Tallest Squat

The thousands of residents of Venezuela's infamous vertical slum are being moved to a new housing complex by city authorities.The thousands of squatters in Torre David, a half-built 52-story skyscrape. […]...continue reading

A Simulator That Lets You Fight The Giant Monsters From Pacific Rim? Yes, Please

Soon, you'll be able to get a (virtual) feel for piloting one of the jaeger's from Guillermo del Toro's ode to monster films.You can already swap bodies with someone of the opposite sex and explore Se. […]...continue reading

Tencent Invests $3.2 Million In App-Connected Laundry Service

China's $139 billion Internet giant wants your dirty clothes.One of China's biggest Internet companies hopes its latest investment will become the country's Uber of laundry: Tencent recently announced. […]...continue reading

Four Lessons The UPS Store Learned After A Year Of 3-D Printing

Last year we reported on the first machines going into UPS locations. How's it going? This story includes an interview with Daniel Remba, small business technology leader for the UPS Store.Read Full S. […]...continue reading

Chromecast Counts More Than 400 Million Casts In First Year

Google says it has sold "millions" of its $35 TV dongle.Chromecast marks its first birthday Thursday, and to commemorate the occasion, Google released some new stats on its beloved $35 TV dongle.Read. […]...continue reading

Will Malaysia Airlines Go Out Of Business?

After an unprecedented string of tragedies, the airline is struggling to find its way out of the red.What's next for Malaysia Airlines? First, flight MH370 carrying 227 passengers from Kuala Lumpur my. […]...continue reading

Madefire's Digital Comics Come to Android

The startup is bringing its media-rich motion books to new readers--and taking on Amazon/ComiXology directly with more conventional comics.Back in 2012, a Bay Area startup called Madefire introduced ". […]...continue reading

New Yelp Data Tool Might Help Us Find The Next Big Food Craze

Yelp Trends mines 57 million reviews for insight.Now that cronut mania is fizzling out, foodies have been on the hunt for the next buzzy pastry craze. According to Yelp's newly announced data tool tha. […]...continue reading

The Anatomy of Women's Tech Roles At Shopify

Big companies' diversity numbers show women hold around 15% of tech roles. But what do these female techies really do? This story contains interviews with Lynsey Thornton, director of UX research at S. […]...continue reading

Why Google Killed Your Favorite Feature

Jon Wiley, head of Google Search, explains why Google sometimes kills your favorite features.We've all had a favorite Google product or feature that just disappeared one day. (For me, Google Reader co. […]...continue reading

iPod-Connected Seniors Recharge Their Memories In "Alive Inside" Doc

You may have seen the viral video "Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Music." Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett talks about that moment and his documentary about reaching through dementia with music.Fo. […]...continue reading

Which State Has The Cheapest Legal Pot? Leafly Tells You

The Seattle-based company is using data to better inform marijuana consumers and maybe to power an industry.For one of the most discussed products in the country, there's a lot we don't know about mar. […]...continue reading

New Sewing, No Problem: This Fabric Pen Could Magically Repair Torn Clothing

Young people just don't know how to sew anymore. One day you might just point a device at a torn dress, and it'll print a matching patch just like that.Every year, the average American throws out arou. […]...continue reading

Forget Passwords: This Startup Wants To Authenticate Your Mind

Biocatch detects fraud and identity theft based on your online behaviors.Most online identity security today is based on what you know (like a password, social security number, or mother's maiden name. […]...continue reading

Missing The World Cup? There's Still RoboCup, The World Cup for Robots

Fouls work a little differently in robot soccer.It's been nearly a month since Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez bit Italy's Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder in a stadium in Brazil (or, in Suarez's words. […]...continue reading

The Surprising U.S. Cities That Are On Their Way To Becoming Walkable

At least six cities could see the end of sprawl in the next few years, as developers realize that millennials don't want to live in the suburbs.In the 20th century, American cities grew by expanding o. […]...continue reading

Photo Essay Celebrates America's Disappearing Family Businesses

Photographer Carl Corey captures the barber shops, furniture stores, and funeral homes in a world dominated by big-box retailers.For his new book, For Love and Money: Portraits of Wisconsin Family Bus. […]...continue reading

How Tire Company Firestone Is Solving A Tricky Natural-Resource Issue

With natural rubber increasingly difficult to source, Firestone is making an old solution new again.Firestone's Bill Niaura knows this: It's just not smart business to rely on a natural resource only. […]...continue reading

You Won't Recognize Your Dinner In 50 Years (But Don't Worry, It's Still Food)

Echoes of Soylent. But more colorful.Scientists have already proven it's possible to grow a burger in the lab using a few cells from a cow. Someday, it might also be possible to grow food from fake pl. […]...continue reading

How To Be The Next Great Designer-Founder

These six questions could help predict your startup's success.Ideo. Pinterest. Airbnb. Kickstarter. It's an all-star list of the companies changing the way we live. It's also a list of companies creat. […]...continue reading

5 Dream Jobs You Probably Didn't Know Exist

These creative thinkers prove that if you can dream it, you can probably make a living out of it.Having a dream job means different things to different people.Read Full Story ...continue reading

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