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Airbnb Reportedly Closes New Round Of Funding Valuing It At $10 Billion

However, it's still unclear what the total amount raised is. Reports suggest it's between $450 million and $500 million.As widely speculated, Airbnb has reportedly closed a new round of fundraising th. […]...continue reading

Criminals Are Using Drones To Find And Rob Marijuana Farms

The drones are equipped with infrared cameras to spot the lights used in grow operations.Borrowing a tactic from the police, some criminals in the U.K. are using drones equipped with infrared cameras. […]...continue reading

New Laser Communication System Could Speed Up Communication Between Astronauts And Earthlings, Thanks To SpaceX and NASA

If a new SpaceX and NASA pilot program succeeds, astronauts will communicate with Mission Control via lasers... and the results could change how the Internet works.This afternoon, beneath a cloudy sky. […]...continue reading

Nest Expects To Make More From Its Data Than Selling Thermostats

A thermostat is a one-time purchase for consumers, but Nest can continue to make money off partnerships with utility companies.Google acquired smart thermostat maker Nest for $3.2 billion earlier this. […]...continue reading

Food Delivery App Eat24 Sponsors Its Own Strains Of Weed

The food delivery app partners with San Francisco dispensary the Vapor Room to name 10 flavors of pot in honor of 4/20.As weed legalization spreads, there's a new story almost every day on the evoluti. […]...continue reading

Here's What Pharrell's "Happy" Sounds Like Without Music

Spoiler: It's not very happy.It's amazing that Pharrell's "Happy" still has traction, especially since it was released in November. The music video in particular has inspired more than its fair share. […]...continue reading

The Top 5 Leadership Stories, April 14-18

Some of this week's top stories sounded like we've had our head in the clouds--but really, working less, following your passions, and being more courageous are possible.Be less annoying on Twitter, mo. […]...continue reading

This Is How Much It Costs To Legally Watch A New Game of Thrones Episode

Assuming you're not watching anything else. Australians, for example, would have to pay $49 minimum per episode. And in the U.S.?The Game of Thrones premiere two weeks ago notched a record 8.2 million. […]...continue reading

Maze-Like Sauna Is A Steamy Winter Retreat

In Matter Design's Spruce sauna, rooms are nested vertically and ceilings are curved to circulate steam.Boston-based Matter Design has come up with a sauna that's certain to both relax and intrigue. I. […]...continue reading

It Takes A City To Map Blight In Detroit

Empowered by technology and the dedication of the community to revitalize their city, the Motor City Mapping Project surveyed every piece of land in Detroit in a mere five weeks.In Detroit, this winte. […]...continue reading

Play This Fun Trivia Game To Help Support Sesame Street

Play Along asks lighthearted true-or-false questions while Cookie Monster watches from the screen. Each correct answer sends a penny his way.If you're looking for a virtuous way to procrastinate today. […]...continue reading

Don't Be Surprised When You See A "Safe Rides Fee" On Your Next UberX Receipt

Uber wants its riders and drivers to be safe, but it'll cost an extra buck per ride.The next time you get scooped up by an UberX driver, don't be surprised when you're charged an extra dollar. On Frid. […]...continue reading

MIT Creates A New Map A Day To Inspire Social Change

Mapping everything from urban greenery to independent coffee shops, the "You Are Here" project aims to build a whopping 10,000 city maps in total.Mapping a city used to take an incredibly long time; o. […]...continue reading

Samsung's Design Statement Proves It Is A Company Of Robots Bent On Enslaving Man

To Samsung, good design is "inspired by humans." All the better to enslave them.When Apple released a statement on its design process last year, the company said, rather poetically, that every great d. […]...continue reading

How Cutting Down On Clutter Can Increase Your Productivity

Armed with a label maker and a degree in psychology, Natalie Schrier creates calm out of chaos.As anyone who has watched an episode of Hoarders knows, holding on to things (especially fossilized cat s. […]...continue reading

Can A Cup Of Coffee Make Workers Less Likely To Lie?

Researchers think so. Sleepy but caffeinated workers are better at resisting social pressure to act unethically.Go ahead and have another cup of coffee. A new study from the Journal of Applied Psychol. […]...continue reading

Fabergé's Big Egg Hunt

Fabergé is hosting a very big hunt of very big eggs.If you've walked around New York City in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, you may have come across a two-and-a-half-foot-tall egg. It happene. […]...continue reading

The Worst Infographic Of 2014 (So Far)

In a baffling move, NBC has turned data on U.S. demographics into a map showing that all Asians live in Maine.Earlier this week, the NBC Nightly News decided to recreate an infographic originally publ. […]...continue reading

A Prettier Wikipedia Design That Could Never Work

Even so, you can admire the effort.Wikipedia's designers are working hard to bring the site's aesthetic into the 21st century. But they need the consensus of the entire (and often wrong) Wikipedia com. […]...continue reading

This Barn Looks Like It's Wearing An Invisibility Cloak

The architectural folly of a barn in stealth mode, shaped like a parallelogram and wrapped in Mylar.Wrap a barn in Mylar (formerly of space blankets and birthday balloons) and what do you get? A quasi. […]...continue reading

Eggs, Butts, Beyonce: The Weirdest Things People Have Turned Into Type

These alphabets, made from naked men to Beyonce, take the artistic potential of the letterform to its limit.Lately, we've noticed that alphabet-obsessed designers are seeing letters in some pretty str. […]...continue reading

The Bike-Powered Coffee Cart That Could Take On Starbucks

With a solar-powered-battery powering the coffeemaker, Wheely's wants to reinvent the franchise model: sustainable, hip, and affordable--but with the power of a global brand.There are over 13,000 Star. […]...continue reading

5 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Hack The "Boy's Club" Of Investors

Women are making progress in the small-business world, but it could be better--and honing financing skills helps.First the good news: more women are launching startups--since 1998, women-owned busines. […]...continue reading

Why The World's Largest Provider Of Online Courses Thinks It's The Answer To Getting Ahead In The New Economy

Coursera's Director of Business Development Julia Stiglitz is all for traditional education models that focus on general skills and knowledge, but she says it's not enough. Here's what she believes on. […]...continue reading

Secrets To Hiring Great Interns

From integrating them into the team to getting what you pay for: Check out these tips on finding and keeping interns.You know the value of hiring interns: They should make your life easier. They shoul. […]...continue reading

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