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Amazon Posts Strong Holiday Sales, Appeasing Impatient Investors

After two product flops, a red-faced Jeff Bezos is steering the company back toward its strengthsFirst, Amazon's Fire Phone tanked. Then, the company pulled its new line of diapers just weeks after th. […]...continue reading

Google Admits Glass Didn't "Have The Impact We Hoped For"

Google announced it's fourth quarter earnings Thursday.Google announced it's fourth quarter earnings Thursday with revenues of $18.10 billion—compared to analyst estimates of $18.46 billion. Overall. […]...continue reading

Qantas Will Offer Passengers Virtual Reality In-Flight

In-flight entertainment just got futuristic (for first class).From Wall Street to the Sundance Film Festival, virtual reality seems to be everywhere these days—and now there's application to add to. […]...continue reading

Proposed White House Internet Privacy Bill Will Be A Thorn To Tech Companies

Tech firms may be fined $16,500 for each privacy violation.Companies like Facebook and Google, whose business models rely on monetizing user-collected data, may be in for a rough ride.Read Full Story ...continue reading

Imgur Releases High-Quality GIFmaker

Imgur's new Video to GIF releases the highest quality GIFs we've seen to date—but their new .gifv format isn't super easy to share.GIF warriors dealing with the file format's crappy quality, take no. […]...continue reading

Gap Ousts Designer Rebekka Bay

Bay's departure has us already speculating—and fantasizing—about who might replace her.Today Gap, Inc. announced Rebekka Bay, the designer recruited in 2012 to help reboot the iconic brand, is out. […]...continue reading

This Throwback Thursday, Please Enjoy The Amazing Legacy Of The Man Who Invented Lasers (Yes, Lasers, Bro!)

Nobel laureate Charles Hard Townes's work paved the way for everything from barcode scanners to Star Wars. He died this week at 99.Between the Flash Gordon radio serials and Star Wars, one man turned. […]...continue reading

Nintendo Agrees To Split Ad Revenue With YouTube Creators

Nintendo is no longer playing the role of Bowser.As little sense as it likely makes to anyone over the age of 35, even the most cursory glance at the most-subscribed channels list on YouTube will show. […]...continue reading

Apple And Samsung Are Tied As The World's Top-Selling Smartphone Makers

Competition hasn't been this close since Steve Jobs passed away.For three years, Samsung was the world's top smartphone vendor. Now Apple has pulled even with the South Korean giant—thanks to the ph. […]...continue reading

Ikea Acknowledges It Forgot The Internet

As growth slows, Ikea's executives admit it's time to go online.If you've ever found Ikea's website too clunky, or its $99 truck delivery highway robbery next to Overstock or Amazon Prime, you aren't. […]...continue reading

We Are Yoga

On airports, breathing, and the commodification of an ancient spiritual practice.I didn't notice the sign until the second-to-last day of 2013. I was waiting to board a flight from San Francisco to Ne. […]...continue reading

The Newest Eating Disorder To (Maybe) Enter The DSM: Orthorexia

Healthy eating is great but in a world of gluten-free everything, some people are taking it too far.When does healthy eating become obsessive?Read Full Story ...continue reading

Getting The Band Back Together: Why The Justin.TV Mafia Returned To Y Combinator

Y Combinator helped make the guys behind the ne plus ultra of silly startup ideas rich. Now they're helping to remake the startup factory.This past October, Justin Kan and Michael Seibel spent a week. […]...continue reading

Print Photos From Your Phone In 30 Seconds Using This Attachable Case

So what if your phone looks like a vintage Game Boy!Camera-equipped smartphones have made it easier than ever to snap and share pictures, but some of us miss the physicality of pre-digital photographs. […]...continue reading

Can A Candy Help You Curb Overeating?

MealEnders lozenges claim to stop cravings by distracting you while your brain catches up with your stomach.We eat for many reasons: for our health, to feel comfort, to be social—but once we start,. […]...continue reading

Why Journaling Is Good For Your Health (And 8 Tips To Get Better)

Journaling can profoundly improve your well-being. Two experts reveal their most effective tips for personal writing.I've been journaling for years now. Twelve years to be exact. When I sometimes tell. […]...continue reading

Hoffice Turns Your Apartment Into A Free--And Incredibly Productive--Coworking Space

Tired of not seeing another face all day when you work at home? Then invite some company.Working at home has obvious perks, but typing in bed in your pajamas isn't necessarily quite as productive as s. […]...continue reading

A Disney MagicBand For Hospitals

A new concept from some of the minds behind Disney's MagicBands could revolutionize the way hospitals operate. For Body Week, Co.Design asked a select group of design firms: What one thing in the heal. […]...continue reading

Running A Startup At 40

Not everyone who starts a company is a 19-year-old college dropout. This is one story of what it's like to do it in middle age.Jan Ihmels is 40. And despite a few quirks—being a German living in Tel. […]...continue reading

When Family Trumps Business, It's Time To Pivot: The Perky Jerky Story

Brian Levin wound up molding his work life to fit his family, which changed drastically after medical diagnoses for two of his triplets.There's nothing like finding out your wife is pregnant with trip. […]...continue reading

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