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China Launches Cyber Attack As New iPhones Arrive

Attack gives government access to usernames, passwords, and emails.To coincide with the newest iPhones hitting China's market today, the Chinese government is staging a large-scale attack on Apple and. […]...continue reading

The New Kindle's Coolest Feature

The $200 Kindle Voyage, out today, uses haptic feedback to mimic the page-turning abilities of old physical keyboards.Amazon's Kindles get a little better every year, but if you already own an older m. […]...continue reading

Spotify Reveals Family Plan For Up To Five Premium Accounts

The new tiered structure means up to five people can share for $29.99 a month.Spotify is shaking up its traditional tiered pricing structure with a new family plan, which lets up to five members liste. […]...continue reading

This Brand-Creator Partnership Is How Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Should Have Tried To Make Money

Snapchat has given forward-thinking creators and marketers off-the-charts engagement. By embracing ads, that's about to end."Shonduras!" The shouter comes loping down the street. He's tall, roughly 16. […]...continue reading

The Apple Pay Challenge: Can I Spend A Week Without A Wallet?

Using an iPhone 6 to pay at retailers sounds cool. Let's see how it works in the real world.A couple of years ago, for an article in Time magazine, I left my wallet at home for a week and only bought. […]...continue reading

Why This Dog Makes $15,000 A Month

Meet Menswear Dog, a Shiba Inu who is, by many accounts, the most stylish dog in the world.It's a misty fall afternoon in Central Park, and Bodhi, a handsome, slightly-big-for-his-breed Shiba Inu, is. […]...continue reading

Tomorrow's Seniors May Lack Caregivers, But They'll Have Digital Animal Friends

The caregivers America's elderly need aren't in America, so GeriJoy uses friendly virtual companions to bring them together.For Victor Wang, 27, innovation was born from mourning.Read Full Story ...continue reading

How To Turn Awkward Into Awesome, From Scott Aukerman Of "Comedy Bang! Bang!"

And other tips for creative thinking, like "you need to sort of jiggle your brain like it's a toilet handle."There are a few things Scott Aukerman's IFC show Comedy Bang! Bang! has in common with fell. […]...continue reading

Quote Of The Week: Start By Getting Something Down On Paper

Feeling stuck, or scared to start? Here's a little push.Your blank page might be a stalled passion project, a heavily procrastinated expense report, a long delayed life change, or an actual page that. […]...continue reading

Your Definitive Argument For A Pet Friendly Office

A pet-friendly policy can reduce stress, boost productivity, and boost morale--you'll want to take this list to your boss ASAP.At Ibex Outdoor Clothing, four-legged furry friends roam the hallways as. […]...continue reading

The Fascinating Evolution of Brogramming And The Fight To Get Women Back

In the 1960s women made up about 50% of all computer programmers, so what happened?Since her 20-year-old daughter told her she was dropping her computer science major in college, Robin Hauser Reynolds. […]...continue reading

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Brain Before Lunch

Before you begin the second half of your day, and the drowsy post-lunch lull takes hold, try these simple tips for perking up.For as long as I can remember, I have been in pursuit of optimal performan. […]...continue reading

Lessons On Love, Learning, And Leadership From An Entrepreneurial Power Couple

Fuck Cancer's Yael Cohen Braun and her husband, entertainment impresario Scooter Braun, reveal secrets to their success at work--and home.As anyone who's ever started their own business can tell you,. […]...continue reading

Grover And Kid President Campaign To Warm Up The Lives Of Homeless People

...Starting with this warm & fuzzy video.An estimated 600,000 people live on the streets every night in the U.S. It's a dismal statistic that 10-year-old YouTuber Kid President and lovable Sesame Stre. […]...continue reading

William Ronan, Who Masterminded NYC's Transportation Network, Dies

Ronan, who passed away on Wednesday at 101 years old, was one of the most powerful officials in New York history.William J. Ronan, one of greatest power brokers in the history of New York City transpo. […]...continue reading

Google Improves Search Engine To Battle Copyright Piracy

Avast ye matey! Finding pirated content on Google is about to get more difficult.Google is rolling out an update to its search engine next week that will downrank websites containing pirated content.R. […]...continue reading

Don't Like Twitter's Recommended Tweets? Too Bad, They're Here To Stay

Twitter says the experiment yielded "user enjoyment," so they made it permanent.A few months ago, Twitter started experimenting with inserting recommended tweets into users' timelines whether they fol. […]...continue reading

Getting Lucky, Being Yourself, And Addressing The Big Questions: This Week's Most Popular Leadership Stories

From becoming luckier to not "trusting karma," this week we called out all kinds of misconceptions about work.From luck to so-called "karma," this week we called out the misconceptions around women's. […]...continue reading

Ron Klain Is America's New Ebola Czar

The former Gore and Biden aide's backstory includes cameos from AOL and Solyndra.The United States now has an official Ebola czar. Ron Klain, a former chief of staff for Al Gore and Joe Biden (portray. […]...continue reading

The Berlin Wall Is Going Back Up

But it'll be made of balloons, not barbed wire.When the Berlin Wall was built back in 1961, it literally went up overnight. Constructed first out of just barbed wire, then supplemented with concrete w. […]...continue reading

Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough? Don't Put Your Money On It

Despite what you may have heard, Lockheed Martin probably didn't find a way to create clean and renewable nuclear power.There are a couple of science and technology challenges so difficult that anyone. […]...continue reading

6 Ways Autonomous Cars Could Change Everything

Autonomous cars could also have all sorts of unanticipated effects, like reversing urbanization and putting an end to parking.Given how central driving is to our lives, there will be a big adjustment. […]...continue reading

A 10-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Behind This Philanthropic Crowdfunding Platform

Already on her second business, Vivienne Harr's backers include Silicon Valley superstars.Another day, another crowdfunding platform. This one is a little different, however. StandApp is a crowdfundin. […]...continue reading

The Insanity Of City Street Grids, Visualized

A new data visualization colors streets based on their cardinal direction (or lack thereof).A new data visualization reveals exactly how serpentine some cities' road patterns can be. Stephen Von Worle. […]...continue reading

Good Vibrations: These Sex Toys Are Made For Plants

A flower gets a vibrator tuned to the frequency of a buzzing bee, and other X-rated creations from the Plant Sex Consultancy.What does a plant look like when it's having fun? As one group of product d. […]...continue reading

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