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Pinterest Acquires, And Shuts Down, Visual Organization Site Icebergs

This marks the pinboard startup's fifth acquisition.Pinterest has acquired visual organization app Icebergs, which will discontinue its services Sept. 1.Read Full Story ...continue reading

Is Snapchat The Next $10 Billion Startup?

Snapchat may have spurned 10-figure acquisition offers, but its valuation could soar way above that with a new round of funding.Snapchat's next round of financing could value the startup at $10 billio. […]...continue reading

CUNY To Open A Center For Visualizing Big Data

A transformed campus will offer training for museum curators and moreThe Graduate Center at CUNY is no stranger to public-friendly data visualizations, with professors releasing projects like Phototra. […]...continue reading

Square's New Device Will Read Microchip Credit Cards

EMV migration in the U.S. in finally upon us, and Square wants in.For thieves looking to commit credit card fraud, apparently there's no better place to do it than the U.S. According to The Nilson Rep. […]...continue reading

Why Did Instagram Release Bolt, Another Snapchat Clone?

Facebook-owned Instagram just spun out Bolt, a new instant photo-messaging app. But, er, why?If you woke up this morning and your first thought was, "Ah! What I really need is another instant photo-me. […]...continue reading

Signal: An App That Brings Free, Encrypted Phone Calls To Your iPhone

Open Whisper Systems is bringing its security technology to iOS.Open Whisper Systems, a company specializing in communications tools, has just put out an iOS app that promises users free, encrypted ph. […]...continue reading

14 Portraits Of College Grads Living At Home

"Yes, mom, I'll be home before midnight."It used to be shameful to move back home after college--a sign of personal failure. Now, because of rising student debts and a sub-stellar economy, it's a comm. […]...continue reading

The Sacred, The Profane, & Mickey: Disney Characters Become Historical Art In "Profanity Pop"

A new installation in a Los Angeles gallery inserts your favorite Disney characters into artistic motifs that have withstood the test of time, subverting both.Let's set aside Disney princesses and zoo. […]...continue reading

The Best And Worst Paying Jobs In Design

Move to California. And learn to code.In the U.S., a corporate culture of pay secrecy can make it difficult to figure out whether you're getting paid a salary you deserve. Co.Design took a look at des. […]...continue reading

A Futuristic Office Design To Combat Your Constant Distraction

Fluidly move from space to space, if people around you get too chatty. Need to have a focused business meeting? Take a screen-free stroll on the meandering walkway on the office perimeter.Most of us h. […]...continue reading

The Best States For New Parents Still Fall Very Short

A nice boss and strong work ethic can't protect new parents from employer policies that aren't held accountable to the greater good.In June, President Obama held the White House Summit on Working Fami. […]...continue reading

How to Land Your Dream Job--Even When The Company Isn't Hiring

Waiting for your dream job to post an opening? You're doing it wrong. Here's how to go after the position you want.When you work in television, your performance review is a show's ratings. A program c. […]...continue reading

Want To Be Successful? You Should Talk To Yourself More

Who cares if you sound crazy. A new study shows talking to yourself can boost your job performance."C'mon Lisa, you can do this." I repeat this mantra to myself whenever I get stuck on a problem. Whil. […]...continue reading

What's The Current State Of The American Dream? (Infographic)

A recent study shows we're less hopeful about achieving the "American Dream," but that the dream itself is shifting into something new.What do we consider "living the dream" today?Read Full Story ...continue reading

5 Job-Hunting Survival Tips For Recent Grads

Don't let the summer slump stall your job search. Take the "work" out of networking, and get busy on social media.There's no doubt the job market is different from what it was 15, or even 10 years ago. […]...continue reading

Dan Harmon On Embracing Your Laziness

The former Community showrunner on how to follow your passions.We've always been told laziness is a career killer, but former Community showrunner Dan Harmon has different ideas about how it can drive. […]...continue reading

The Morning Routines Of The Most Successful People

Does your morning look like Margaret Thatcher's, or Ben Franklin's? These routines might inspire you to create your own.Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, we all start our day at some poi. […]...continue reading

Windows Phone 8.1 Is Already Getting An Upgrade

Microsoft fills in holes in its dark-horse mobile operating system--and brings Cortana to more of the world.In the smartphone race, Windows Phone remains a scrappy underdog which is trying to prove it. […]...continue reading

Twitter Grows User Base to 271 Million, But Says Total Audience Size Is Much Larger

The company reported $312.2 million in revenue in the second quarter and $562.7 million for the first half of 2014.Twitter's base grew to 271 million monthly active users in the second quarter, a 6% i. […]...continue reading

How Can Recruiters Grab Engineers' Attention? With More Money (Duh)

Job marketplace Hired recently analyzed 8,000 recruiting messages to see what works and what doesn't when trying to hire engineers.If you can write a lick of code, Silicon Valley is your oyster.Read F. […]...continue reading

Hoping To Rebound, Malaysia Airlines Weighs Name Change

With the support of the Malaysian government, the airliner is seeking new investors and considering a major rebranding.Business as usual isn't an option for Malaysia Airlines. In a span of months, the. […]...continue reading

Amazon Is Experimenting With A New Homepage Design

The newer, flatter design puts Kindle, Fire, and Prime categories front and center.Amazon has unveiled a new homepage design to select users, placing a new emphasis on the retail giant's biggest brand. […]...continue reading

Red Lobster Aims For An Elusive Catch: The Upscale Diner

Er, date night?If "Endless Shrimp" doesn't get you in the door at Red Lobster, maybe gourmet-style "vertical" plating will do the trick?Read Full Story ...continue reading

Microsoft Offices In China Raided In Antitrust Investigation

China's investigation into Microsoft is just getting started.Officials from China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC)--the organization responsible for enforcing China's business l. […]...continue reading

Uber Partners With Concur To Streamline Business Expenses

Expense management platform Concur is embracing the sharing economy.Put it on the company card. Reflecting a shift in business travel, Concur's expense management platform is now integrated with Uber'. […]...continue reading

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