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BitTorrent's Offer To Sony: Release "The Interview" Safely Online With Us And Make Money

"What better way to take back the Internet than to use technology Hollywood has so been scared to use?"In the days after Sony canceled the theatrical release of the Seth Rogen, James Franco comedy The. […]...continue reading

Staples Says 1.16 Million Credit Cards Compromised By Hackers

The attacks took place between July and October.In October, Staples said it was looking into a potential security breach involving its point-of-sales systems. Now the results are in, and it's ugly.Rea. […]...continue reading

Sad CEOs, Instagram Drama, And The Year's Top Searches: Take The Fast Company News Quiz

Show how much you know! Here's our quiz for December 19, 2014.What the heck happened this week? Research says that one of the best ways to solidify new information is to be tested on it. Here's a chan. […]...continue reading

Inside The Chinese Town That Makes Your Christmas Ornaments

Hell on Earth, good will to men.What does the inside of Santa's Christmas Workshop look like? Like a sequin-covered slaughterhouse. The ornaments you hang on your tree and the stocking you sling near. […]...continue reading

The Genetic Ancestry Of The United States, According To 23andMe

Immigration, slavery, and frontier life are written into Americans' DNA.The United States was built by immigrants. Now for the first time, a large-scale study published using genetic data voluntarily. […]...continue reading

An Elegant iPhone Speaker Dock Made Out Of Cararra Marble

How do you know marble's coming back into style? Designers are making iPhone docks out of it.Marble is winning me over in 2014. Just a year ago, the only objects I owned made out of marble were salt-a. […]...continue reading

App Lets You Create A Musical Score For Your Grief

Joy. Shock. Grief. They can be tough feelings for an adolescent to articulate, so this app lets them speak in music.It's difficult for any of us to articulate the nuanced pangs of the human emotional. […]...continue reading

This Nifty Gadget Could Finally Divide And Conquer The Airplane Armrest

Make an in-flight elbow war a thing of the past with this $30 gadget.As much as any other aspect of flying, the humble armrest represents the erosion of comfort and convenience the average American pa. […]...continue reading

Nike Lawsuit: How 3 Top Designers Allegedly Stole IP And Left For Adidas

Co.Design obtained Nike's lawsuit against three former designers who left to found an Adidas design studio. Here are the highlights.There are no two bigger rivals in business than Nike and Adidas. Nik. […]...continue reading

Design Legend Louise Fili Photographs The Gorgeous Typography Of Italy

Fili shares her three-decade love affair with Italy's typography and vintage signage in a gorgeous new book.Renowned Italian-American designer Louise Fili's love of typography and graphic arts stems f. […]...continue reading

Why Uber Needs Baidu

On Wednesday, Uber announced a "strategic partnership" and investment with Baidu, China's search giant. The potential is huge.Beijing cabbies have a penchant for screechy Peking Opera and a habit of h. […]...continue reading

The 2014 Gift Guide: What To Get Creatives (And Those Who Want To Be More Creative)

The creative-minded folks in your life aren't going to be satisfied with an ironic sweater anymore.Geese are fattening, old men are awaiting haypennies (whatever those are) in their hats, and Christma. […]...continue reading

How The Deepest, Darkest Secrets Of Moms Shape The Products In Aisle 6

Moms don't want what you think they want, which is why product developers at some of the biggest brands turn to The Mom Complex.To hear Katherine Wintsch describe it, the most important people at some. […]...continue reading

After Christmas Is Over, Your Old Tree Can Have A Sexier Second Life As Lingerie

Recycling done right.By New Year's Day, most Christmas trees are sitting on the curb, destined for the dump or a compost heap. But someday your forlorn tree might get a second life as something else:. […]...continue reading

Free App Friday: 5 Time-Saving Gems For Your Smartphone

Spend a little time to set up and use these apps; save a lot of time in the long run.No matter how well you manage your time, there never seems to be enough of it. And time is like money: sometimes yo. […]...continue reading

These Cheap, Invisible Solar Cells Can Be Spray-Painted On Anything

The solar cells can be rolled up like wallpaper and then unrolled onto any surface.Most solar panels, made of expensive electronics encased in glass, are awkward to use anywhere other than a rooftop o. […]...continue reading

EDM/Orchestral Mashup "Electronic Opus" Is BT's Cure For Modern Music's Monotony

Electronic dance music king, BT, is taking his songs to an orchestra to give them new life with Electronic Opus.How do you take a synthesizer and cello, completely different instruments, and get them. […]...continue reading

Why The Most Successful People Know When To Admit They're Clueless

You can't be "all things to all people," but connecting people and sharing the credit can make you look a lot better than bragging.Many of us strive to be experts in our fields. But, to set yourself a. […]...continue reading

3 Quick And Easy Steps For Crafting A Rousing Toast In Minutes

An executive speaking coach shows how you can take the exasperation out of your salutation and craft the best toast of the night on the fly.Whether at a company party, family celebration, or just a ni. […]...continue reading

What Your Employees Really Want For The Holidays

Skip the gift cards. What your employees really want from you is to stress less.Your employees don't work just for the money.Read Full Story ...continue reading

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