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Today in Tabs: Noah Country For Old Tabs

You're probably wondering why you saw so many transgender people today.Comedy Central announced yesterday that the new host of the Daily Show will be Trevor Noah. The news was greeted from all corners. […]...continue reading

ESPN Just Redesigned Its Site For The First Time Since 2007—Here Are 4 Takeaways

White space! Infinite scroll! Responsive design! One of the largest sites on the planet finally gets a makeover.Most of the rituals in my life, like drinking fancy tea or starting every day with a col. […]...continue reading

Facebook Tracks You Even If You Opt Out, Says Belgian Report

An investigation has revealed Facebook seeds your computer with tracking cookies, no matter what.If you have suspected Facebook is tracking you for ad campaigns, no matter what, all the time: You are. […]...continue reading

This App Makes It Easy To Collaborate Across The Globe

Working with someone halfway around the world? Circa makes meetings a cinch.It's a series of concentric circles and looks a bit like a broken bull's-eye. Circa, a free iOS app, is the clearest answer. […]...continue reading

Tory Burch's Ex-Husband Is Now Selling Office Furniture

J. Christopher Burch, whose "revenge retail" operation C. Wonder failed mightily earlier this year, invests in office products.I've never seen a CEO so eager to do manual labor as Randy Nicolau, chief. […]...continue reading

5 Lessons On Apple Watch Design From Evernote

How do you design a good app for wearing on your wrist? Keep it simple, stupid.Although the Apple Watch isn't out until April 24, popular note locker service Evernote has already released an app for i. […]...continue reading

Neil Young's Insane 1982 Film "Human Highway" Takes On A New Life

The musician talks about the director's cut of his highly improvised cult classic, and how it still feeds his creative process.Neil Young's 1982 film Human Highway is a comedy, a hallucination, an env. […]...continue reading

The Nations Where Gender Inequality Is Least And Greatest

A new visualization of 188 countries puts the data in stark—and depressing—relief.In most countries, the dice are still stacked against women. They find it harder than men to get decent jobs and e. […]...continue reading

Forget The Wasteful K-Cup: This Edible Coffee Capsule Dissolves Into Your Drink

An elegant antidote to excess packaging nightmares.When 9 billion K-Cups were sold last year—enough to circle the Earth 10.5 times—it inspired an apocalyptic video that showed the coffee pods obli. […]...continue reading

Forget Google And Microsoft—These Are The Startups That Should Scare Dropbox

The tech industry's titans don't think nearly as creatively as Dropbox when it comes to storage. But these startups do.In Fast Company's April feature on Drew Houston, cofounder and CEO of Dropbox, th. […]...continue reading

What Ursula Burns's Rise To Power Can Teach Us About Mentorship

The first black woman to lead a company the size of Xerox, Burns's journey from the projects to CEO shows us the value of the right mentors.Not all mentors are created equal.Read Full Story ...continue reading

Is This Startup The Apple Of The Filtered-Water Market And Can It End Brita's Dominance?

The millennials behind the Soma water filter have created a less expensive model—and it debuts this week at Target.There's a reason that food magazines never strategically place Brita or PUR water f. […]...continue reading

How To Cope With New Mom Guilt At Work

Coming back to work after having your first child means redefining both what it means to be a good employee and a good mother.Becoming a mother is a life-changing event. But just as you start getting. […]...continue reading

How Periscope Can Fix Its Creepiest Feature

Location tagging is one of Periscope's best features, but many people are unknowingly revealing their home addresses. Here's one solution.While using the new live-streaming app Periscope this weekend. […]...continue reading

Fast Company Is Hiring An Associate Editor

Fast Company is looking for an experienced editor to help steer our popular leadership and work-life coverage.Fast Company is looking for a savvy and experienced editor to help steer our popular leade. […]...continue reading

Today in Tabs: The (Eternal) Return of Tabs

Your contribution of $800 a month will help a needy intern, and score you a sweet Fast Company pen-and-lanyard set.I ordered a menu item that had a little chili pepper next to it. It wasn't spicy but. […]...continue reading

A First Look At Facebook's New Mothership, Designed By Frank Gehry

It's one big grass-covered room.Twenty-eight hundred people. One room. And a giant green roof.Read Full Story ...continue reading

Has Philadelphia Made A Bike Share That Can Get The Entire City Biking?

Its new program aims to get minorities and low-income residents to hop on bikes by placing stations more equitably and offering a way to pay without a credit card.Ever since Washington, D.C., launched. […]...continue reading

This Temperature Patch Will Notify Your iPhone When You Have A Fever

Here's to the Internet of worrywarts.There are few things more anxiety-inducing than watching a loved one deal with a climbing fever—and few things more annoying for said loved one than having his t. […]...continue reading

Here Come The Philanthropreneurs

How the wealthy are changing how, why, and to whom they give.Entrepreneurs using wealth and power to transform society are not a new phenomenon. A century ago, Andrew Carnegie's love of libraries help. […]...continue reading

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