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Your Brain on StorySelling

At this point in life, I’m sure everyone has heard that there are two separate sides of the brain – the right and the left. The right side is more artistic, where the left side is more logic based. Michael Gazzaniga from UC Santa Barbara studied the relationship between the right and left side of the brain extensively and in turn, discovered some really cool, if not disturbing facts about our brains:  
  1. The left side of the brain can operate without the right side, and without losing any IQ – Check back later for my screenplay about this being the cause for the smartest zombies ever.
  2.  Information processed through the right side of the brain will be sent to the left side of the brain for an explanation.
  So while you might think that to form a relative statement the right side of the brain would fabricate a solution, this actually means that the left side of our brains is the one who pieces together the puzzles that we face throughout life in the most logical way that it possibly can.   If we think about mankind before we made some huge scientific advances, it’s easy to understand how different cultures ...
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Spending Time with Sir Winston Churchill (Part I)

I know that subject line sounds like bait, but hear me out for a second, I think you’ll enjoy this story. I take the time to share it because I am often told by people of all ages that they can’t find a way to make money doing what they love. Or they can’t find an opportunity to mix their passions. I think this story will open your mind a bit to what is possible… I’ve always been a fan of Winston Churchill. My grandfather used to quote him often and it seems like you can’t go through life without hearing his quips and wisdom out of the mouths of global leaders and cocktail drinkers alike. Anyhow, a couple of years ago, a client of mine, Dr. Yar Zuk, posted something on my Facebook wall. I got a notification, and as usual, I went to check it out. I was amused at what I saw but pretty quickly decided to laugh and move on. Dr. Zuk is a very interesting guy. He is a dentist out of Canada and has done some interesting things in his business but one of the most unique, attention getting PR moves I have ever seen, was ...
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YOU SHOULD SMOKE IT: Spending Time with Sir Winston Churchill (Part II)

After the cigar arrived in my office, I spent weeks re-humidifying it to the perfect humidity.  As one might guess, it had dried out significantly over the past 60+ years! In fact I had a special system built into my display case that automatically humidified the cigar, and would notify me on my cell phone when the cigar was to the correct humidity, as well as when to refill the humidifier with distilled water when it was about to run out!  I know, I know, a little over the top…but it worked. The interesting thing is that every single time I mentioned my new amusing treasure to a friend or colleague, the same exact comment would come up.  They would laughingly, but sort-of-seriously say, “You should smoke it.”  And don’t think the thought hadn’t passed my mind, but I quickly dismissed it.  However, hearing this same thought over and over again made me think… What if there was a way I could share a cigar with Sir Winston Churchill. I would definitely do it.  But, more importantly, what if I could give a small group of people, the last chance on earth to share a cigar with Sir Winston Churchill…. In a fit of ...
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The Origin of Story Telling and StorySelling

If you’ve read our Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Book, StorySelling, you’re sure to remember the story of Gronk. For those who don’t here’s the lowdown: Gronk is just your basic, everyday man of 15,324 BC. He love’s his wife, his kids and relaxing after a good long day of hunting. He doesn’t sound all too different from you now does he? However, there is one key difference. Gronk is about to change the world. Now, Gronk, unlike you, did not have today’s modern luxuries to help him unwind. So it wasn’t quite as easy to brush off the little kiddos dying to hear the tale of the bison hunt earlier that day. However, Gronk had already had a pretty exhausting day and didn’t really feel like creating the framework for modern language, nor did he know how. What Gronk did know, was that if he scraped a rock on another rock, sometimes it left a mark. So he gathered all the kiddos and they waited on baited breaths as Gronk drew his best bison possible, of course featuring him right behind it with a spear going in for the kill. Everyone was ecstatic over this story, and why wouldn’t they be? No one ...
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Tony Robbins’s Personal Branding “Breakthrough”

This blog was originally posted and featured on The original post can be found here: By Nick Nanton, Esq. and JW Dicks, Esq. If you missed Tony Robbins's new mainstream premiere of Breakthrough, his new reality TV show, you missed the evolution of the blending of infomercial, reality TV, and soap opera. While these adjectives describing Tony Robbins's new show could be viewed as negative, we don't intend them that way. It is the representation of the re-launch of Tony's career in personal development and the launch of a new and powerful blended medium. Had this show been an infomercial, there would have been a strong call to action for viewers to buy the hot product Tony was selling. This may have resulted in successful front end sales followed by following up the sale with offers for additional products and services under the traditional infomercial format. In the new media, Tony's production company has mixed reality with message and created fans instead of buyers. While this may have a slight delayed effect in product sales, that delay will undoubtedly be outweighed by a strong new fan base for the entire spectrum of Tony Robbins Experiences including product sales as well as ...
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Harry Potter and Personal Branding

This Blog originally appeared on -- Original post: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Universal Studios Orlando June 18 and the studio is reporting rising attendance and guest spending. This is of particular significance since Universal's theme park attendance had been hurt by the global recession and travel slowdown. The opening of the new attraction had been a long awaited event for Universal and Harry Potter fans, so the news of positive performance brings a welcome sigh of relief for the hefty $250 million bet Universal placed when they went after the Harry Potter attraction and scooped it out from under Disney who resides only a few miles away. While all looks great with Harry Potter and the investment Universal made, the naysayers have been wondering out loud if Harry Potter will indeed have legs for years to come, after the last movie is out. After all, J.K. Rowling has said she will write no more Potter books and she certainly has enough money (Forbes estimates her net worth at more than $1 billion) to make that statement believable. First, it will be a very long time before all of the Harry Potter fans even have an ...
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Your Direct-Mail Campaign is Only as Good as Your List

We talk a lot about technology because it's new and sexy, but sometimes it's important to refocus on the basics. The basics may not be as sexy, but they have built great businesses for years and are still working for branding and marketing in the new economy. Even in our highly digital world, branding consultants will tell you that the direct-mail campaign is still one of the most important tools in a branding agency’s bag. But even if you plan the best campaign, if your campaign doesn’t reach your intended recipients, you might as well throw your cash out the window. When your mail piece arrives at the post office, it is feed into a machine to read the address and give it a barcode for delivery. That’s right, a machine. There is no guy in the backroom assigned to reading every addresses piece of mail that comes through the PO. Since you are dealing with a machine, you have to think like a machine, so while Florida, Fl, Fla, FL. and FL all mean the same thing to a human -- to a machine reading a bulk list only one of these is correct. What does that mean? It means ...
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Great Video Tool

If you're looking for something a little different for your website, whether it be for marketing or for pleasure, you've got to check out Animoto It turns your photos and videos into movie preview style videos. They look better than just about anything else I've seen. Enjoy! ...
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New Product for Making Money in Music!

I've just finished working on a product with Music Marketing GURU, Bob Baker, author of the best-seller Guerilla Music Marketing. It's called "7 Secrets to Making Real Money with Your Music." Check it out, I think you'll like it! ...
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Help Out The OaKs – Lollapalooza

For those of you who haven't heard the OaKs, you're missing out. Check them out at Anyway, they are great people and great musicians, I got this from Matt Antolick today, the OaKs drummer and I figured I'd share it. You don't even have to give anyone your email address to help them with the first part, it will literally take 10 seconds. Take a minute to help them out, they'd really appreciate it and so would I. thanks for your support! -- Hi everyone. It's Matt from the OaKs. We've had the honor of being featured on this month's BMI Podcast. Not only that, but we're up for a really important prize -- whoever is voted the favorite band on this podcast will win a CD Dupilcation package from Discmakers. We could really use that, we're almost completely out of the first printing of Songs For Waiting! The address is: And you DO NOT need to enter an email to do this. Just click the button next to The OaKs and you're ready to go! We're also in the running to be a part of the 2008 Lollapalooza Tour! Round one of voting has just begun, and you can vote here : Now, you ...
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Nick Nanton, Esq. with Conrad Dimanche

Nick Nanton, Esq. with Conrad Dimanche, originally uploaded by ndnproductions. I met Conrade Dimanche last year for the first time at the 4th Quarter Entertainment Music Industry Seminar. You may recognize him from MTVs hit show Making of the Band. Conrad is Senior Director of A&R at Bad Boy Records. I have a lot of respect for Conrad, he's a hard worker and for all the hype that his boss (Sean Combs, a.k.a. P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Sean Jean, etc.) creates, Conrad understands that hard work and No B.S. is at the core of creating great music and great artists.

It was great reconnecting with him this year and speaking on panels with some other great industry folks. If you missed it, shame on you. Check it out next year ...
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Tim McGraw PreShow Party

Tim McGraw PreShow Party, originally uploaded by ndnproductions. Up close and personal with Tim McGraw at the pre-show party to kick off his first show on the 2008 Live Your Voice Tour. It was great to see Tim again and the show was great!

Be on the lookout for Tim's new singles. You won't be disappointed ...
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Ok…so I don’t want to sound like broken record

but at least it will be a broken multi-platinum record. I know I've already posted twice on this blog about Colbie Caillat. And I don't know how to explain it other than I just know when I hear something special. My prediction is her record "Coco" will be one of the top 3 records of the year and maybe the biggest record from a new artist period. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, you need to do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. Its definitely this year's "room for squares." Its so even tempered and intimate you can't help but love it. I guessed that Daughtry would have the biggest record last year, and I was right, but I didn't post it before it happened so I don't expect you all to believe me ;) (Although on January 27th 2007 I can prove that I was already touting it!) Let's see what happens. Good luck money's on you! ...
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Is Music Licensing for Television the New “Record Deal”

Check out this article from CMJ that certainly opens your mind to this as a new model and possibly makes it the "highly coveted prize" of today (similar to how major label record deals used to be sought after) I've had great experience with licensing music for television. It has really brought some great revenue to some of the band I have worked with. Special thanks to Matthew Antolick from the Oaks for sending it my way ...
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NashVegas and some great links to make more money in music

I'm in Nashville right now finishing up producing a record for Hanna Peterson at the County Q recording studio. We worked with an amazing band, here's the highlights: Paul Scholten - Drums/Band Leader Alison Prestwood - Bass John Jarvis - Piano/Organ JT Korenflos - Electric Guitar Steve Sheenan - Acoustic Guitar Glen Duncan - Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin Monty Allen - Backing Vocals Many thanks to Jimmy Dulin, engineer/Pro Tools wiz for making the record come to life. I'll post some video and audio clips online shortly. As for some good food for thought on how to do things differently and make money in music, check out these Web sites: ...
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Music Lessons – A Must Read from Seth Godin

most of you have heard me preach this same message, but this guy gets more press than I do, so maybe you'll believe him :) when you're ready to discuss "The New Model" for the music business let me know.. ...
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The Holy Grail for Indie Musicians?

Those of you who talk to me on a semi-regular basis know that I'm a broken record when it comes to the following concepts: 1. Make people feel like a "member" of your band and you will have a very lucrative fanbase 2. Make sure you have a product to offer at every price point for those who would really like to spend money with you. That being said, here are two artists that really "get it" and are using these tactics to finance their records. This is exactly what I'm talking about. This is how you make money in today's market and allow your fanbase to get involved and really get a chance to participate with you. Check out these acts that are allowing their fans to help finance their records: Scott Andrew Adrina Thorpe And here's the best part, these artists have done the heavy lifting for you and created a new model for you to try out. So here's the next lesson: Don't be stupid and try to think of something totally different, just take what they have done and make it your own. Let me know how it works out for you, I'll be looking forward to hearing of your ...
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How to Sell 15,000 CDs in 18 Months – From the Buzz Factor

Here is a great post from my good friend and music marketing guru, Bob Baker, author of the best-selling book "Guerilla Music Marketing" who was the featured guest on my Music Marketing Mastermind Call a few months ago: How to Sell 15,000 CDs in 18 Months Check out this inspiring video interview with musician Terry Prince, shot a couple of weeks ago on the Santa Monica Pier. Do the math. He makes more than $8,000 a month/about $275 an hour playing part-time. Watch it here. Be on the lookout for a new product from Bob and I in the very near future that will help you take your music marketing to a new level of profitability! ...
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I told you I smelled a hit!

Per my post back on July 24th, 2007 I mentioned that Colbie Caillat's song "Bubbly" sure smelled like a #1 song. (You can see the post here) Well, congrats Colbie, looks like the song is still making waves and did in fact make it to #1, not to mention its done great on the international charts as well. You can find details here More song picks coming soon! ...
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